Tag Line Lead

Tag Line Lead – Hudsonville, MI

      JOB TITLE:          Tag Line Lead
      DEPARTMENT:   Shipping
    REPORTS TO:      Shipping & Label Manager.


    Under direct supervision of the Shipping & Label Manager receives information to coordinate picks with appropriate tag/label racks to ensure that all tagging and labeling activities are done accurately, efficiently, and safely.


  1. Provides daily attendance and reports staff needs, tardiness, and absences to Tag Line Supervisor.
  2. Ensure that all staff are dressed in accordance to Sawyer Nursery’s dress code prior to start of shift to ensure the safety of the employees.
  3. Ensure the quality, type, and size of plant product brought to tag barn aligns exactly with what is on the pick work order prior to processing.
  4. Ensure that tags, labels, and handles that are disbursed from tag racks to wagons are correct and accurate.
  5. Once the plants are sent down conveyors tagged and labeled, ensure that excess tags and labels are placed back in the appropriate bin locations.
  6. Communicate with Pick Supervisor if product brought to Tag Barn is not what is being requested on the pick work order.
  7. Communicate with Tag Line Supervisor if there are any subbed items so that the appropriate tags and labels can be applied.
  8. Ensure that work areas and equipment are tidy, neat, and functioning properly at all times throughout the day. If there are equipment/maintenance issues, report to Shipping Manager immediately.
  9. Ensure that work area is cleaned daily and that equipment is up off the ground to maintain proper working condition.
  10. Perform any other job duties asked of you in order to meet company goals and objectives.


  1. Ability to stand and work required amount of hours in a wide range of environments.
  2. Ability to lift up to 20lbs.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with appropriate staff members.
  4. Ability to organize work materials and manage employees and evaluate their performance periodically.
  5. Ability to problem solve and react to rapidly changing production demands.
  6. Provide insight and ideas in staff meetings so that proper changes to policy/procedure can be kept up to date.

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