Sawyer Nursery uses a variety of products and methods to culture our products. Every effort is made to put quality first. We work towards continuously improving our methods through research and discovery.


Division: Field grown plants are divided and put into a cooler for bare-root sales or container needs.
Seed: The seeds are sown and placed into a germination chamber. They are then finished on rolling benches in the greehouses.
Cuttings: Stock plants are forced in early December for plant material. We now purchase most of our cuts.

Cultural Methods


Containers: Sungrow 650 Renewed Earth


Greenhouse: Perfect Rain Automated Computer System, ground sprinkling systems, and two boom systems (GTI and Growing Systems, Inc)
Coldframes: Overhead Hunter and Rainbird heads


Plugs: Liquid feed (Anderson injectors) single element feed as needed
Container: Time-release fertilizer; plants are supplemented with a liquid fertilizer as needed

Weed Control

Mainly physical, but a preventative application of pre-emergent herbicide is applied to the floor beds of the coldframes before plant material is put down.

Insect & Disease Control

Preventative programs for Rusts, Mildews, Botrytis & Phythium, Mites, and Aphids. Additional control measures are implemented as needed.


Plants are trimmed back in the fall, grouped together, and covered with a white cloth for better heat retention. The coldframes are also covered with two layers of poly, clear or white.

Temperature & Light Controls

Two-thirds of our production square-footage have Modine heaters for supplemental heat to provide for early spring sales. In the greenhouses, we useĀ an environmental computer control system that tracks humidity and temperature. Artificial light is provided on an as-needed basis with HID lights (PNL Lighting).

Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators are applied as needed to reduce plant height and improve overall quality.


Shade cloth is used on both the greenhouses and coldframes during summer months.